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Guided tour

The ridge tour

Visit the wonderful archipelago idyll Åstol for a few hours. Take the opportunity to bathe, stroll or eat something delicious. You have almost 2.5 hours to enjoy this gem.

The cost is 400 kr for adults and 300 for children and adolescents.

We depart from Marstrand at 11:00 to be up front at Åstol at about 11:30. There we leave off on the south side at the ferry location. Then you can take the opportunity to stroll around the island watching the nice habitation, bathing in their classic Bathing, where there is also a small waterslide.

Sunbathe on the dark granite cliffs or visit any of the island's eateries. Today there is in addition to Åstols Rökeri, Åstols Café and the food cart.

At 14:00, you will be picked up again in the same place as where you were dropped off (keep in mind that it takes about 15-20 min to go around if you have ended up in the sun at Åstols Rökeri) and we calculate to be back in Marstrand at 14:25.

We have life jacket for everyone but keep in mind it might be a bit colder on the sea so bring an extra sweater.

Click here to reserve your seat alternativt klicka på "Boka direkt"-knappen eller ring oss och boka på 0708-740500.

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