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Elin af Marstrand

Boat tours, taxi boat, charter, fixed tours, bicycle transport and corporate event. Elin of Marstrand takes up to 12 passengers and operates the waters around Marstrand. We love taking you out on the sea.
The waters around Marstrand are wonderfully beautiful. There are plenty of popular attractions here. Our boat tours consist of, for example, Seal safari, Lighthouse safari, Art tours to Watercolour Museum, every day in July we run Åstol tour and Around Marstrand tour.

Taxi boat

We take you where you want to go. Book your taxiboat with Elin of Marstrand (see separate pricelist). Click here for more info

Fixed tours

A few days a week we run fixed tours to Åstol or Runt Marstrand. In the summer of 2020 we will also start running fixed trips to Pater Noster, but with another boat. Look out for Ester af Marstrand. We also run bicycle transport to Rönnäng.


If you're a group who want to go out on the sea, or to some special destination, it's good to charter Elin of Marstrand, who comes with a skipper.


Smaller group meetings in private environment. Why not charter Elin af Marstrand for yourselves. Skippers drive out and anchor you up at the appropriate place and leave you to yourselves to come back and deliver lunch or drive you back to Marstrand.

Sun and bath

Bath Tour - In fine weather, we'll drive you out to the Shut and drop you off inside the sandy beach to pick you up three hours later.

Book tours

Now we just run to order. Call to book +46708 740500.

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